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One of the Boys 9/?

In which I feel very awkward writing hetero sex. Why? It's the only kind I've ever had, for God's sake... :)


By midnight, Lara and JC were sprawled out on the floor of the theater with about twenty other people, watching the end of Dirty Dancing. They weren’t what could be called trashed, but were drunk enough to enjoy every little thing they saw, thought, or said. “I love this movie,” Lara said with a sigh as the credit rolled. She sat up from where she had been laying between JC’s legs, her back against his chest. She had decided about three drinks earlier that whatever she had imagined she saw in Chris’ eyes was just that, her imagination. She hadn’t seen him since, and figured it was probably for the best, since she was apparently seeing things.

“Thank God,” JC groaned, stretching as he got up. “Did you have to use me as your pillow?”

“Did you really mind?” Lara giggled as she helped him to his feet. They wove back out into the main dancing area, where the party was still in full swing. “God…this thing’s really gonna go all night, huh?”

“Lance’s parties usually do.” JC grabbed a bottle of water from a bucket of ice nearby. “Want some?”

“Please.” Lara struggled with the cap and finally got it open. “Where IS Lance?”

“Around,” JC said, looking on tiptoe. “Oh, there he is. Making out with someone in the corner.”

“WHERE?” Lara almost shouted, jumping up and down. JC giggled his adorable giggle.

“Kidding. Gotcha.”

“Jerk.” Lara frowned. Then she smiled. “I forgot. I have something for you.”


She reached into the waistband of her skirt, pulling out the object she had removed from her purse hours before. “This.” She waved a thumb drive in the air. “Your screenplay.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” JC blinked in disbelief.

“You dared me. I never say no to a dare.” She raised an eyebrow. She took the thumb drive and carefully slid it into one of the front pockets of his pants. “Don’t lose it.”

JC’s eyes fluttered shut as her hand took its good old time coming out of his pocket. He opened his eyes and looked down at her. “Never say no to a dare?”

“Nope,” she said, shaking her head. She giggled as he took her hand.

“Dare you to dance with me.”

“Like THAT’S a hardship,” she said as he pulled her onto the dance floor. “About time.”

“I was waiting for the right song,” JC said. He put her arms around his neck, and wrapped his around her waist, swaying with her seductively.

“This is the sex song,” Lara said, and JC laughed. “It IS. It’s the song in the movie where they have sex. I LOVE this song.”

“Are we having sex?” JC asked.

“No, silly, we’re DANCING,” Lara said.

JC moved his body against hers. “Sometimes dancing’s just sex standing up.”

Lara’s fingers wove up into his curly hair. “In public.”

“In public,” JC agreed. He began to sing softly in her ear. “When your baby leaves you all alone…and nobody calls you on the phone, don’t you feel like crying? Don’t you feel like crying…”

“Well, here I am, honey,” Lara sang back, “…come on…cry to me.”

JC smiled in approval. “Nice.” One of his hands slid down to her backside as he thrust gently against her.

“We’re in public.”

“We’re dancing, not having sex, remember?”

“For now,” Lara said, laughing. JC stopped dancing and so did she. She swallowed deeply as she looked into his eyes. “Wow,” she said, suddenly dizzy. She placed a steadying hand on his shoulder. It had been a long time since someone had looked at her with lust in their eyes the way JC was. “JC…”

“Upstairs?” JC asked. “You can say no and it’s completely okay.”

“No. I mean, I’m not saying no. I mean, I’m saying yes,” Lara babbled. JC took her hand and led her from the dance floor.

“I didn’t expect you to still be here,” Lance said, throwing an arm around Chris’ shoulder.

“Jesus, Lance!” Chris almost spilled his beer.

“Just sayin’ hi,” Lance slurred, kissing Chris’ cheek.

“You get so damn horny when you’re drunk, Lance,” Chris said, but he didn’t push his friend away.

“I keep hoping you will, too, someday,” Lance teased.

“Not for your fine Bass Ass, Lance, sorry,” Chris apologized. Lance giggled. “I’ve drank far too much to drive now.”

“Mi sofa is tu sofa,” Lance said. “You know that.”

“I do.” Chris sighed as he looked around the room, doing a double-take. “Damn.”

“What?” Lance asked. “Oh.” They watched Lara and JC grind on the dance floor.

“Well. Guess they’re having fun. I need air.” Chris turned on one heel and headed out to the deck. He didn’t see JC take Lara by the hand and lead her out of the room.

Neither of them spoke as they went upstairs. Lara hadn’t been upstairs in Lance’s house, and she could only follow where JC led her. He led her into a small bedroom at the end of the hall, and closed the door. He flipped on the small bedside lamp and turned around to face her. “I mean it. I’m not that drunk. I know Chris said I make a point of just sweet talking girls to sleep with them, and that’s not what I’m trying here.”

“You’re sweet,” Lara said, reaching up and taking her hair down from its ponytail. “I’m not up here because I think we’re suddenly boyfriend and girlfriend, or something.” She walked over and ran her hands up over his slender chest. “I appreciate you giving me the head’s up.”

“Good.” JC hissed as her fingernails found his nipples through the wifebeater. She reached up and removed his hat as he shrugged out of his outer shirt. Lara bent her leg to take off her sandals. “No. Allow me.” JC sat on the edge of the bed, running a hand down her bare thigh and calf before sliding her shoe off. He repeated the motion on the other leg.

“Damn,” Lara hissed, feeling goosebumps crawl over her skin.

“Like that?” JC’s hands trailed back up her legs, over her hips, across her bare abdomen and settled on the base of her neck as he stood up.

“Very sensitive skin,” Lara said, trying to keep her teeth from chattering.

“All over?” JC mumbled near her ear.

“Some places more than…othersohGod,” she panted as his teeth found the side of her neck.

“I take it that’s one of those places.” JC’s teeth nipped before biting down a bit harder. Lara groaned and yanked at his hair. He laughed against her skin. “Like it rough on that sensitive skin, do we?”

Lara responded by grabbing at his wifebeater and tugging it off. JC kissed her, his hands wandering over her back and ass, sliding back up to her breasts. “Just…untie it…” Lara gasped, flicking her tongue at his ear.


“The knot. Untie it,” she ordered. JC obeyed, and the blue fabric fluttered open. Lara shrugged her shoulders and it fell to the floor.

“You mean…you had nothing…the only thing holding you together was one fucking knot?” JC gasped, his hands caressing her breasts. “If I’d have known that…we’d have been naked about two hours ago.”

“I figured it was better not to tell you…for propriety’s sake.” She slid a hand down his bare chest to cup between his legs. “I wanted to wait for this.”

“It’s all yours,” JC groaned as she squeezed.

They fell onto the bed, hands roaming for what seemed like hours before she unzipped his pants. “Mmm…I can’t wait…” Lara purred, sliding down his body and taking the rest of his clothing with her.

“Oh…my God…” JC gasped as her tongue found his hardness. “Yes…” Lara’s hand worked over his hot skin as she slid him into her mouth. “Baby…” His hands fisted in her hair, and she moaned slightly. He chuckled as he gasped for breath, pulling harder. “That’s right…I forgot…you like it rough.” He yanked at her hair, pulling her mouth away from him. One thumb ran along her bottom lip, wiping at the saliva. She drew his thumb into her mouth, sucking on it.

“Is that what you want me sucking on?” She asked. He growled and pushed her head back down.

JC let her suck him for just a few more moments. “Stop…or this will end in a way that is NOT at all what you’re looking for.” He pulled her up gently by her hair, kissing her hard. His mouth and teeth found the sensitive spot on her neck as his hands shoved at the skirt she wore. She gasped and grabbed at his arms. He quickly rolled her onto her back, removing the last of her clothing. He fumbled for his pants on the floor. “No getting you pregnant…I promised…” JC waved a condom in the air before slowly crawling back up her body. He kissed her hipbones, slowly licking along the curves of her body. She gasped as his slender fingers entered her.

“JC!” Lara arched off the bed, hands threading in his hair. “Oh…God…”

“So wet…” JC licked his fingers with loud slurps that made her whimper. “Can’t wait to be in there…” His fingers teased her, followed by his tongue. She was soon thrashing on the bed and begging.

“JC…want you…please…”

JC moved up to kiss her again. “You want me?”

“Please,” Lara begged. JC kissed down to her chest, licking at one breast before pulling back to open the condom and put it on.

JC kissed her as he moved inside. Lara gasped and wrapped her legs around him. “You’re so…tight…”

“Been a while,” Lara gasped. Her fingernails raked down his back. “JC…” Lara bit her lip.

“No one will hear you,” JC said. “You can scream if you want, be as loud as you want…”

“But you’re not MAKING me scream yet,” Lara said, smiling devilishly as she arched up to his thrust.

“Is that a dare?” JC froze with his cock partially pulled out. She whimpered. “Is it?” Lara bit her lip and nodded. “Good. Because I can’t say no to a dare, either.”

Chris rolled over and fell off the sofa. “Fuck,” he groaned, rubbing at his head. He slowly pulled himself to his knees, and then slowly to his feet. “I hate Lance. Lance and his fucking parties and his fucking booze and his fucking parties.” Chris stood for a moment, willing the world to stop turning. The clock on the wall read eight-thirty, way too early to be up, in Chris’ opinion. Three other people were sleeping on furniture in that room, and Chris knew he’d find more sprawled all over the house. “I need my bed,” Chris said out loud, but no one stirred. “Just gotta piss, then I am SO outta here.”

Lara’s eyes fluttered open. Something was smothering her, pressing against her. She gasped and shoved away. “What’s up?” JC said sleepily, looking over at her with a tired smile. “You okay?”

“Oh, uh, yeah,” she whispered. She had been pressed up tight against his bare chest.

He reached over and ran a finger along her neck, chuckling shyly. “I think I branded you.”

“Oh,” she said faintly, rubbing hand where his finger had been. “I bet you did.”

“Why are we whispering?” JC whispered back.

“I don’t know,” Lara said, trying out her full voice. They both winced. “That’s why,” she whispered. “I’m just gonna…bathroom…”

“Third door on the right,” he told her. “The smaller rooms don’t have their own bathrooms.”

“Okay,” she said, reaching down and picking up the first piece of clothing she could find, which was the grey shirt he had worn. He smiled.

“That looks cute.” JC closed his eyes and snuggled back down onto the pillow. “Hurry back. You’re nice and warm.”

“Okay,” Lara repeated. She buttoned the shirt as she left the room. After closing the bedroom door, she leaned against it. “Fuck.” She couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t one to randomly hook up, but she had spent hours having mindblowing sex with JC Chasez. She sighed, giggled a bit, and carefully made her way to the door JC had mentioned. The door was blocked by someone passed out in the doorway. “Um, okay,” Lara said.

She went to the top of the stairs, listening. She heard no other sounds, and the only other bathroom she knew of was off the kitchen downstairs. Making sure all her buttons were buttoned, she tiptoed down the steps. She watched her feet as she hurried along, which was why she didn’t see the mass of person until she ran into them. “Oof!” Lara grunted.

“I’m sorry,” the person said, automatically grabbing her shoulders to steady her.

Lara inwardly winced at the familiar voice. “Oh, Chris…hi…I guess you stayed here…”

Chris’ brown eyes ran over her long legs. JC’s shirt came to about mid-thigh. His eyes moved up over the shirt, stopped briefly on the bright red bite mark on her throat, then moved up to her face. She reached up and tried to smooth her hair. “I believe the phrase is “just been fucked hair”?” Chris asked. She turned a deep red. “I’m going home. If you need me to come get you, call me,” Chris said, releasing her shoulders and heading for the door.

“Chris,” Lara said helplessly. “Wait.”

“What?” Chris pasted a bright smile on his face. “You don’t have to say anything. You’re all grown-up.”


“That’s my name,” he said. “I’m going home to bed.” He left the house before she could say another word.

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