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Love Soon 2/?

Author: Lara
Rating: SO NC-17
Disclaimer: I know nothing about these boys. I'm pretty certain this didn't happen. It's all made up.
Note: So, this story was originally going to be just one chapter, and Justin kept poking me and saying, No, it can't be resolved like that. So I listened to him. There is tons o'smut in the chapter. :)


“My baby,” Lynn sniffled, holding him close.

“Mom, please?” Justin whined, rolling her eyes at the guys over her shoulder, but allowing her to hug him tight. No matter how cheesy it sounded, his mom really was his best friend.

“Sorry.” Lynn wiped away her tears and kissed his cheek. “I’m sorry. I’m not trying to embarrass you, honey. I just can’t believe you’re eighteen.” She ruffled his curls. “Go blow out your candles.”

The party was small, just the guys, Justin’s family, and some of their closest friends. The guys were going out to an eighteen-and-older club afterwards, but Justin knew full well he couldn’t get out of a family party, for his mother, if nothing else. “Make a wish, Infant,” Joey said, and Justin glared.

“Right now I wish you’d shut the hell up,” Justin said.

“Language,” Lynn said automatically. Chris snickered.

“Sorry, Mom.”

Lance finished lighting the candles, and they all sang Happy Birthday. “Make it a good one,” Lance said, smiling at Justin.

“I know exactly what I want,” Justin said, looking at JC briefly before blowing out his candles. He got them all out, and smiled with satisfaction. Perfect.

The last four years had been brutal for Justin. Actually, they’d been brutal for everyone. They had fought tooth and nail to make it in Europe, and then had to do it all again in the States. After that, things slowly started to build with Lou, and that was when Business!Lance came to the forefront and shocked them all, in more ways than one. Justin was impressed with Lance on many levels. He had grown up, filled out, and turned into this sexy adult, almost out of nowhere. Justin had harbored a crush on Lance for about two months, once even daring to kiss him when they were left alone in the hotel. But Lance had simply allowed the kiss to go on for a minute, pulled back, patted Justin on the cheek, and kindly told him that he knew that he wasn’t what Justin wanted, but that he was flattered all the same. Justin wasn’t even embarrassed. Lance hadn’t treated him like a child, just told him politely that he wasn’t really interested. Justin felt a lot closer to Lance after that.

And then there were the girls. They were EVERYWHERE. All over all of them. Justin especially. And while he didn’t exactly MIND, it wasn’t what he really wanted. But he dutifully took them back to his room now and then. He wasn’t an IDIOT. He was a teenage boy, with gorgeous girls begging for him in countries all over the world. There was no way he wasn’t taking advantage of THAT. And it gave him some idea of what he wanted, when the time was right.

What he wanted, still, plain and simple, was JC. He’d grown up a lot over the four years between fourteen and eighteen, and was thankful that JC had said no originally. He wasn’t ready for anything at that time, and JC knew it. But over four years, Justin’s crush of curiosity had grown into a full blown desire for JC. On all levels. He loved JC’s body (who wouldn’t?). He loved JC’s smile (beautiful). He loved JC’s voice (angelic). He loved JC’s talent (incredible). He loved JC’s flaky ways and absolute need for sleep (adorable). He just wanted JC in his life, as more than a friend. And he KNEW JC was interested in him. It was there, below the surface, constantly. JC almost always sat beside Justin on any moving vehicle they entered. JC asked Justin’s opinions on writing and lyrics. JC kept an eye on Justin when Lynn wasn’t around. And while JC was loving and considerate of everyone, Justin KNEW he was special to JC.

And now the time was right.

The God of Motel Rooms had blessed Justin on his birthday, and given him not on the room at the end of the hall, but the room farthest from his mother, AND the room next to JC. They came back from the club around two-thirty, sweaty and giggly and trying desperately to be quiet and failing miserably.

“Happy birthday, J,” Chris said. His room was first. He hugged Justin. “My little boy. All grown up.”

“That’s something you’ll never be, Chris,” Joey said. He was next. “Night, man. Hope you had a good one.”

“It was great, guys, thanks,” Justin said, smiling happily and hugging Joey. “And thanks for the leather jacket, man. It’s awesome.”

“Happy birthday, Justin.” Lance hugged him and briefly kissed him on the neck. “And many more.”

“Thanks, man.” Justin clapped Lance on the back. “See you all tomorrow.”

“Too bright, too early,” Joey groaned, unlocking his door. “The world revolves around Justin every other day. Why couldn’t it stop for tomorrow?”

“Hey,” Justin said, pretending to be insulted. The others laughed as they went into their rooms.

“Did you have fun?” JC asked as they headed down the hall.

“Yeah, it was fun,” Justin said honestly. It was fun…except for the part where he had to watch JC grind up on yet another girl. JC was liquid sex on the dance floor, and that just wasn’t legal, somehow. “You tired?”

JC stopped walking and looked at him. “Do you remember who you’re talking to?”

“Right. Sleep. Your hobby.” Justin looked up at him and pouted ever so slightly. “M’not tired really. Could you come to my room for a minute?”
“Justin…okay,” JC sighed. “For a minute.”

Justin let them in and turned on the light. He toed off his shoes while JC flopped onto the bed. Justin stood in the middle of the room, hands in the back pockets of his tight jeans. He reached up and pulled the bandanna from his head, tossing it on the floor. He ran a hand through his curls. “JC?”

“Mmm?” JC looked up, his eyes wandering over Justin’s sweaty curls, down the slim torso, over the tight pants. “What?”

“I’m eighteen.”

“Yes, I realized that when we all sang happy birthday,” JC said with a grin. He slowly sat up. “Where are you going with this?”

“I’m eighteen. I’m legal.” Justin’s blue eyes ran over JC like a fire. He saw JC swallow deeply. “I can vote, buy lottery tickets, even cigarettes.”

“Good for you,” JC said weakly. Justin sauntered over – fuck him, he sauntered – and fell to his knees in front of JC.

“I’ve been waiting for you. For this. For today.” His hands sat lightly on JC’s knees. “I’m eighteen,” he repeated, wanting the point to sink home. “You told me once I was too young. I’m not anymore. I’ve had sex. With a girl, anyway. I’ve gotten drunk. I’ve participated in one serious legal battle. I’ve written songs, I’ve worked my ass off. I many not be grown up, but I’m not a kid anymore.” Justin smiled sweetly at JC. “I’m even old enough to roll around on a bed with a girl in a video.” His hands slid up to rest at JC’s waist. “But I’d rather roll around on a bed with you.”

“Justin, what do you…” JC’s hands clenched in fists at his sides. Justin took them, uncurled the fingers, and brought them up to rest at his shoulders.

“I want to make love with you, JC,” Justin said softly, letting his eyes flutter closed as JC’s hands petted his shoulders. “I want what I’ve wanted for four years. I want to share this with you. It sounds girly or whatever, but it’s more than just sex.” He looked JC in the eye. “I’ve known you most of my life, JC, and I want this. With you.”

“But…you don’t…” JC wondered where his ability to form coherent sentences had gone. Probably to his dick, with most of the blood in his body leading the way.

“I don’t like boys?” Justin slowly got to his feet and pressed JC down to the bed, carefully lying next to him. He was pressed next to him, but not on top of him. “I’m pretty sure I’m bi, though there’s really only one boy…man…I’m interested in.” His hand slid up JC’s side to cup his face. “I kissed Lance, though, if it makes you feel better. He said I kiss good. But nothing happened.”

“You kissed Lance? You kiss good?” JC babbled. Justin answered by moving in and gently kissing JC. He felt JC’s whimper against his lips. JC’s hand moved to fist in Justin’s shirt. “Yeah, that’s…uh…good,” JC said when Justin let him up for air.

“I know you want me, JC, that you’re interested,” Justin corrected. He didn’t want this to just go down the route of Sex is Fun And That’s All This Is. “But if I’m completely wrong on this, let me know, and I will never mention it again.” Justin moved back a bit.

“No.” JC’s hand fisted tighter in his shirt. “I’ve always wanted you…been interested…but you were so young, and I didn’t want to corrupt you or something.” JC’s eyes searched Justin’s. “You’re really interested?”

“Oh, baby,” Justin sighed. “If you know how many hours I’ve spent just waiting to turn eighteen.”

“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” JC said honestly. “There’s no way…we can’t…”

“No one needs to know, JC.” Justin’s nose nudged along JC’s chiseled jaw, planting kisses in its wake. “No one but us.”

“God,” JC said in a strangled tone, pulling Justin down for a passionate kiss.

Justin tried very hard to pay attention to everything. He wanted his mind to videotape this, so he could rewind it and watch it later to his heart’s content. But that was so fucking hard, when JC’s lips were sliding down his neck to suck on his collarbone, when JC’s hands were sliding along his sweaty shirt, when JC’s teeth were biting at his nipples. “Jesus God,” Justin hissed as JC’s hips rolled against him.

“You’re sure about this?” JC panted. They were both shirtless, and JC’s hand was ghosting at the snap of Justin’s jeans.

Justin groaned and his head fell against JC’s shoulder. “JC, I have imagined this exact moment in about seven hundred and forty-six ways. None of those ways involved you stopping and asking me if I was sure.” He pulled away and knelt next to JC on the bed. “JC, this is not as difficult as you’re making it.”

“Excuse me?” JC sat up and glared at him.

“If I was a girl, we’d be naked already, for God’s sake.” Justin glared back. “You bring enough of them back here.”

“You’re never lonely,” JC snapped.

“I was biding my time,” Justin said a bit more calmly, and JC’s eyes widened. “I had to do SOMETHING while I waited for you.” Justin shook his head. “But that’s not the point here. If you don’t want this…us…to happen, then say so now and quit stalling.”

“I’m not stalling!”

“JC, this isn’t complicated. We know each other well. We care about each other. We’re attracted to each other…at least I think we’re all that. This is the next logical step. You won’t scar me for life, you won’t traumatize me, you aren’t making a mistake.” Justin sighed and looked JC in the eye. “So, are we doing this, or aren’t we?”

“You have grown up,” JC said, impressed.

“Duh, JC. Don’t make it sound like such a big surprise,” Justin said. “You’ve been around me twenty-four seven for years now.”

“I’m seeing it for the first time now, I think,” JC said. He shoved at Justin until he almost fell off the bed.

“What the…”

“Stand up,” JC said simply. “And no more talking.”

“Okay. I mean…” Justin nodded silently. JC smiled. He scooted to the edge of the bed and reached for the snap of Justin’s jeans. Justin’s hands fisted at his sides.

Okay, so he wasn’t supposed to make a sound? How…how could he not howl to the damn skies when JC’s hands undid his jeans and slowly slid them down? Then JC’s hands were shoving at his boxers and Justin was naked as the day he was born eighteen years earlier. JC’s lips whispered first over one hip, then the other. Justin’s hands reached out to thread through JC’s hair.

“You are so hot,” he heard JC whisper.

“No,” Justin murmured. “Please don’t say that.” Justin heard that constantly. Everyone thought he was hot. It was in the magazines, on the signs held by fans, in the screams he heard as soon as he went out in public. Hot hot hot. He wanted to be more than hot for JC.

“But it’s true,” JC’s tongue went around Justin’s navel and Justin’s knees buckled.

“Just…everyone…says…” Justin gasped. Blue eyes met blue and JC nodded in understanding.

JC’s hands slid up Justin’s thighs to take his cock and stroke it. “You’re not just hot. You’re gorgeous. Beautiful…” JC’s tongue flicked out. “Tasty.”

“Oh, God,” Justin managed. JC’s hands moved to Justin’s hips as he brought Justin into the warmth of his mouth. Yeah…a blow job from JC in real life was MUCH better than the dreams he’d been having for four years. “JC…so…” Justin’s hands clenched in JC’s hair. He put up with about five minutes of torture before yanking JC away by his hair, gently yet firmly pulling JC to his feet. He kissed JC hard and wet and deep as he shoved at JC’s pants.

“Whoa, Justin, careful,” JC giggled, losing his balance as the pants hit the floor. He fell back onto the bed, bringing Justin down with him. Justin’s hands slid all over JC, learning the tight muscles and curves before one hand cupped behind JC’s head while the other gently stroked him.

“What do you want?” Justin said, licking and sucking at JC’s earlobe. “What do you like?”

“Nggh.” JC made some sort of incoherent gurgling sound, arching into Justin’s hand.

Justin thought the pantmoangasp was one of the most gorgeous sounds ever to come from JC’s mouth, and JC was capable of some beautiful sounds. “This is the one part I’ve never done, remember? And you’ve told me about your experience with all this…” Justin licked swirls around JC’s neck. “Do you want…want to be inside me?” Justin panted and rubbed himself along JC’s leg. “Or do you want me to…” His eyes about rolled back in his head at the thought.

JC tried to uncross his eyes and bring life back into focus. “Well…I…” He finally removed Justin’s hand from his cock and kissed the palm. “I’m usually…I top,” he murmured. “But it’s your first time, and it hurts, and I don’t want to hurt you.”

“There has to be a first time with someone,” Justin pointed out. He rolled onto his back, turning his head to look at JC. “I want it to be with you. I want to do what you like.”

“At this moment, you could just look at me a certain way, and I’d probably shoot all over the place,” JC admitted, and Justin burst out laughing. He couldn’t help it. JC slowly smiled. “Yeah, that sounded really hot, huh?”

“Totally. I’m gonna call Tiger Beat and quote you,” Justin said, and JC giggled. Justin reached over and gently tugged at JC’s shoulder. “I want you to do it.”

“God, Justin.” JC let his forehead rest on Justin’s, then gave him a soft, sweet kiss. “Hold on.” He started to get up, then remembered that it wasn’t his room. “Do you have any…”

Justin slid away from JC, twisting a bit to get away from the covers that were stuck to his sweaty body. He went to his duffel, dug around a bit, and came back with a condom and lubricant. “We don’t…need…” He waved the condom.

“Oh, yes, we do,” JC corrected. “We’ve both been with a lot of people, Justin. We’re not taking a chance here.”

“I love when you get all protective,” Justin said with a grin.

“Shut up and get down here, fool,” JC ordered, and Justin laughed. He was so happy the original awkwardness had past. It was just like old times…except they were naked, and ohgodJCwasgonnafuckhim. As he lay down next to JC, Justin felt a momentary panic, which JC immediately saw in his eyes. “Justin, we’re not…”

“No. I’m not scared or anything. Not of the pain, anyway.” Justin put a finger over JC’s mouth to shush him. “I trust you with my life. I just want to be…good enough.”

“What’s the last thing you tried you weren’t good at?” JC teased as he opened the lubricant. “I mean, really.”

Justin watched JC get his fingers good and wet. “I’m not good at everything.”

“You play a good game, then,” JC said. He slid up to kiss Justin’s chest as he briefly stroked Justin, then slid his fingers down. Justin’s legs automatically spread a bit. JC teased with one finger in a circle, then began to ever so slightly move it inside. “You’re good at everything you try.”

“Like what?” Justin’s voice was definitely along the lines of whimpering.

“Basketball. Singing. Dancing.” JC punctuated each word with a kiss on Justin’s chest as his finger moved all the way in, then back out. “Perfect.”

Justin squirmed a bit against the intrusion, but soon was moving his hips with JC’s finger. He felt JC slide a second finger in, and thanked God that JC had slender fingers. It wasn’t painful, but it just seemed so odd. “Not…perfect…”

JC watched the way Justin’s hips slowly snapped in rhythm with his movements. “I beg to differ.” JC kept his eyes on Justin’s face as he slowly changed the angle of his fingers.

“Oh…God…” Justin hissed and his hips flew up. “That was…that…”

“Mmm, good,” JC moaned, his fingers keeping that exact momentum. “Right there?”

“Yes, JC, please.” Justin begged, not even sure what he was begging for. More of that slipslidescratch that sent fireworks through his bones. “Please…”

“Okay, Justin, okay.” JC slowly withdrew his fingers and got the condom on. He applied an ample amount of lube, then crawled between Justin’s legs. “This is gonna hurt, babe, okay? Just let me come into you…kinda push against me…and it will go easier.”

“Shut the fuck up and just do it,” Justin whined, writhing on the bed.

“Slut,” JC said fondly. Justin’s eyes widened, and he fisted his hand in JC’s hair, pulling him down for a kiss. It was when Justin was completely occupied with the kiss that JC started to push inside. Justin’s hands clenched in his hair, mouth pulling away to gasp for air.

“JC, it…”

“Let it happen, J,” JC breathed against his cheek. He moved as slowly as he could, until he was all the way in. He rested for a moment, letting Justin get used to the feeling.

Justin felt like he was splitting from the inside out, but he moved his hands down to dig into JC’s bony shoulders, willing the pain to pass. He’d felt worse, and he knew JC would only make things better. He always did. “Jayce…”

“Gonna move now, Justin.” JC kissed Justin’s chin, kissed his nose, kissed each eye as his slender hips slid back, then front again. “Gonna find that spot again, Justin, the one that makes you feel so good.” JC arched his back a bit. Justin was so tight, so hot and beautiful and golden.

“I don’t think…fuck YEAH!” Justin suddenly grunted, his hips moving up to get JC deeper.

“Mmm, there, baby?” JC’s hips moved faster as he concentrated on keeping that exact angle.

“YesyesyesJCdon’tstop,” Justin panted.

“Not too loud,” JC chuckled, sliding one arm under the small of Justin’s back to pull him up closer. “You don’t want anyone wandering down here to see what’s going on.”

“No…don’t want that…want you more want more,” Justin groaned in a quieter voice. His hands slid down to JC’s backside, pushing him down. “JC, please…”

“OH, God, Justin, you don’t know what you do to me,” JC groaned. His hips thrust deep and snapped back.

Justin felt very familiar waves start down at his ankles and move up. “JC…wanna come…please…”

JC held himself up with one hand, and the other was trapped under Justin’s back. “Touch yourself, Justin. Wanna see you come…”

Justin moaned, his eyes never leaving JC’s as a shaking hand reached down to stroke himself. “Thought about you every time I did this,” Justin admitted, licking his lips.

JC moved down to take a brutal kiss. “Better hurry, Justin, because you keep talking like that, and I won’t last.”

Justin smiled, an evil grin that JC had never seen. “Really? You like hearing how I thought about you…imagined your hand on me when I would stroke?” JC growled and thrust harder. “I’d pinch my nipples and imagine your teeth.”

“Justin…fuck ME…” JC said, kissing him and biting down on his bottom lip.

“Fuck!” Justin shouted, shocked at the pleasurepain. He felt the orgasm shoot out of him, and he gasped for breath against JC’s mouth.

“Yes…oh God, yes…” JC’s voice sang out into the hot air around them as he came, collapsing onto Justin’s chest. “Oh…my God…”

“Shh…” Justin soothed, rubbing JC’s back.

“That was…fucking…incredible…” JC said weakly.

Justin gave JC a minute, then started to roll him away, wincing at the slide of sensation as JC moved out of him. He gently removed the condom from JC, got up and threw it away. He had a hard time walking a straight line on his very wobbly legs, but he made it to the bathroom, got himself cleaned up, then brought a warm cloth for JC. JC haphazardly wiped at himself, then tossed the cloth away. He reached for Justin, pulling him down next to him. “JC, let’s get under the covers,” Justin whispered. JC nodded and blindly climbed up the bed. Justin would learn later that orgasms always seemed to suck the life out of JC, but at this moment, Justin was worried. “Are you…did I break something?” Justin sat at the foot of the bed, biting at a fingernail.

“What? Mmm, no…” JC murmured, then realized Justin was really concerned. Gone was the cocky, confident boy from just moments before. “No, Justin, God. C’mere, you.” He reached out for Justin, who climbed up and slid under the covers with him. “I’m fine. It was just…unbelievable. Where’d you learn to do that stuff?”


“All the hot… I mean, sexy stuff.” JC smiled as Justin slid down to lay with his head on JC’s chest. He toyed with one of Justin’s curls.

“I didn’t try to do anything. Not everything I do is pre-rehearsed, JC,” Justin said, almost annoyed.

“I didn’t mean that and you know it.” JC tugged the curl harder. “You just…wow…girls must’ve loved sex with you, if you paid all that attention and talked like that.”

Justin moved away and leaned on an elbow to look at JC. “JC, I wasn’t like that with them. I didn’t do that for them. Didn’t pay attention, say…stuff.” He swallowed hard and reached out to play with JC’s Leo pendant. “I saved that for you.” He looked JC directly in the eye, and for the first time, JC really grasped the seriousness of what Justin had been saying.

“You…you really waited around for me?”

“In a lot of ways, JC,” Justin said. He frowned. “Does that freak you out?”

“No, I just…whoa.” JC nudged Justin. “Get the lamp.”

“Um, okay.” Justin scrambled up enough to turn off the lamp. The room plunged into darkness, and Justin slowly moved back to tentatively lay on JC’s chest again.

“I’m honored.” Justin felt JC’s lips against his hair. “Thank you.”

Justin smiled and sighed with satisfaction. Things were only gonna get better now.


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